The New Way to Buy a Car

We’re introducing a new way for you to buy a car, Harwoods YouChoose, putting you more in control of the whole process.

We’re turning car buying on its head...

At Harwoods we are putting you more in control - you can value your current car, search for cars within your budget and tailor a payment plan to suit you. You can choose to do this in your own time in the convenience of your own home or visit us in one of our Showrooms.

Want to talk to someone? We have a friendly and knowledgeable sales team that you can rely on, they are there to inform and help you choose. Ask them any question about any of the cars we have on offer and they’ll be able to give you the answer – they really know their stuff. If you are in need of an extra pair of hands they’ll be more than willing to guide you through your journey.

...and you can try them without any pressure.

Picking the right car for you depends on a number of factors including how much you enjoy driving it. When you are ready to test drive a new car, we’ll give you the keys and wave you off,

With Harwoods YouChoose we give you the convenience of easily booking a test drive online in advance. If you meet our insurer’s criteria you can take it out for a spin by yourself or accompanied by one of our sales team if you wish.

Register online and book your YouChoose Test Drive experience today